We provide the following FREE OF CHARGE with purchase (a $150 value)


   Create Restore Disks (Backup Disks)    Personalization Performed
   Email Setup Completed    Anti-Virus Software Installed
   Anti-Malware Software Installed    Operating System Updates Installed
   Word Processing Software Installed    System Optimization Completed
   Internet Optimization Performed    System Fully Bench Tested
   All Windows Themes Installed  



             Why a Custom VITS System?


Quick Service! Less Waiting!

1. Quality! Fewer Repairs!

   We have been building quality systems for over 20 years. We build our systems using quality components from major manufacturers Like Asus, Kinston, Nvidia, ATI, AMD, Intel & Western Digital - just to mention a few.

Yes, you can purchase less expensive systems at the box stores but, there is a remarkable difference between what you buy at a box store vs what is designed for you. The biggest difference is: QUALITY.

We Are Affordable

2. Experience!

   Our systems are built by Technicians with 25+ years experience and are certified by Microsoft, Dell and CompTIA. We'll tell you if you even need a new system as yours, may be easily repairable or upgraded -saving you money!

Personal and Reliable Service

3. Choice!

   We give you the opportunity to pick and choose what you want in your next computer or you can let us build a system that will suit your needs for now and the future.

   If you want a certain brand, or a specific part, just let us know. We are happy to help you - we can even make a reccommendation on a specific part because we have the experience. We know what works & what doesn't for your needs.


Call us today for your new system!